31 Jul 2012

from the garden to the plate

I love this time of year with a growing garden, when -

greek salad is tossed with fresh thyme, chicory and nasturtium flowers...
homemade pesto finds ints way onto pasta and buckwheat pizza...
green beans and snow peas, lightly steamed, become a wonderful side to any meal...

What are you happily growing or eating (or both) at the moment?


  1. We are growing many herbs, some of which we eat, and some of which we graciously allow the possums to eat (translation: we have not been able to completely stop them!). : (

  2. We're planning to make our first pesto of the year today. And yesterday, 30-odd mosquito bites bought us two big bowls of raspberries--we ate them all, with a splash of milk.

    Your nasturtiums are just gorgeous!

  3. Mmmm. No garden for us this year -- which was good, because we ended up moving. But I think next summer I'll be taking over our new patio with plants galore!

  4. the progression in these photographs is so beautiful. sometimes i forget that vegetables don't just magically appear at the grocery store!

  5. Girl, I want to lick my screen! Delicious.


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