3 Jul 2012

five months

Oh me oh my, baby boy you are five whole months old. Five! Its true what they say - that the days can be long but the weeks, the months, just zoom by. Has it really been one-hundred-and-fifty or days that I have awoken with you beside me - it seems like centuries, and seconds all at once.

Now you are five months old:
You smile a lot.
You have discovered you can splash, really splash in the bath.
Your hand becomes what I call the "claw" and pans around for anything it can grab
(which in the morning when you awake is my nose)
You can suck your toes.
Yes you sleep with us your parents,
You still love your diet of breastmilk with passion and gusto,
You roll over and wriggle about but get easily frustrated when you can't move anywhere
You think books are delicious.
Your favourite toys are: wooden spoons, thread spools, wax paper, measuring cups
Sometimes you get the giggles.
Sometimes you feel miserable with teething pains and will only be soothed by a walk in the sling.
Sometimes you accidentally hit yourself on the head when shaking your wooden rattle.
Sometimes you laugh after you cough.
You love cuddles.
You love it when I pretend to eat your hand or nibble your ears.
You love it when we sing "Gaa-loomp went the little green frog..." "five little ducks when out one day..." and "jesus loves me, this I know..."

This month you have been cuddled by an old french man, an elderly french woman, a turkish mama, a stylish hair dresser, a lovely neighbour, a sweet Australian lady living in Paris too, our dear friends Stuart and Peter, your dad and me - your mama.

You are such a bonny boy,
and you make me smile like anything,
watching you grow is the very best thing,
we love you so.


  1. Isn't it crazy how quickly these little ones of ours are growing. Phiney managed to get her feet in her mouth last week - she's been inching closer and closer for weeks and now she's pretty chuffed with herself whenever she gets those toes in her mouth!
    Lovely most as always. I love the monthly portraits. He's so beautiful xxx

  2. Those eyes...he's such an old soul!
    You two are going to raise one magnificent being!

    Much love!

  3. He is the cutest little guy! ♥

  4. I love him too....such a happy spirit! Wow soon he'll start talking, that's sure to be something!

  5. Emily he is amazing :) good job, sweet Mama !


  6. Such a cutie! Five months congrats to all! Love Martine

  7. 'Five little ducks went out one day,
    over the hills and far away
    Mother Duck said "come back come back"
    But only 4 little ducks came back. '

    I still know the words!

    I looked at that first photo and thought Reuben's really starting to look like a little person!

    love to you

  8. By the way...

    Mum says she could cuddle him all day long!

  9. Oh he is completely magnificent!

    And as I read this post, and type my comment one handed cradling my own little bonny boy in one arm - I just feel overcome with love. For you, your boy, and everyone! xx


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