13 Jun 2012


summer is upon us and the weather has turned mild and rainy, again -
we have been outside as much as we can despite;
adding stones to our garden path,
pulling weeds, planting greens,

but mostly taking Reuben on walks in the sling
for the past week and half he has had teething pains -
truly its heart-breaking to see your otherwise cheery boy, so sad
I think the mixture of fresh air, distracting sights 
and the fabric to chew on is comforting for him.

the house is right now filled with fresh smells -
fragrant freesias,
our-very-own hydrangeas,
dahl simmering in the pot -

i've been pouring through this wonderful cookbook -
feeling inspired to get out of our wheat-and-sugar-rut
embrace different grains, beans, legumes 
and the colourful season's produce
which right now is apricots, cherries, capsicums and eggplant.... 

I wonder,
what is the weather like where you are? 
what are you reading, eating, planning for this season?


  1. So sorry for your poor boy. I know the little one's suffer so much as they get their teeth.

    I too like to break out of my rut now and again by looking for new foods to cook and new grains and legumes too.

    Weather here is back to overcast today and rain is expected. We've had a lot of rain this year but at least now we are getting a few days of sunshine here and there.
    As long as it doesn't rain too much, it is good for the garden. Have a pleasant week.

  2. The weather here is rubbish. Rain, rain, rain all day long. All week long. Where did the summer go this year? We're getting out for quick walks in between showers though - loving our Baba Sling too!

    Hope your gorgeous boy is feeling a little better. Those teeth are horrid! xxx

  3. I love your photo of your dried goods! I am mildly obsessed with legumes and grains....Which cookbook are you referring too? My favorite the last year or so has been Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson. Our garden is going along nicely too. The bunnies keep eating my kale, which is disheartening, but we have some butternut squash and green beans growing well!

  4. Though it's been raining for two days, today the weather is hot and bright. We're working outside (it seems we always are, on days off). I've come in to make us iced black tea with rhubarb simple syrup and lemon. I've been eating up leftover eggplant curry for a couple of days, but I've received an enormous bag of garden spinach, and plan to turn it into a tomato-spinach sauce for pasta. I've also been craving cold black beans, smashed up and spread on pita bread...

  5. mmm... legumes.

    I need some good recipes! Any ideas?

    Although my mum's dahl is pretty good.


    P.S. I know all about the teething pains!!!! Though I suspect they're worse the first time round than with braces.

  6. I so enjoy your reflective, gentle thoughts. Your little family is blessed to have such a wife and mother.

    Reading: The Book of Mormon
    Eating: Chicken and cheese enchiladas, tossed green salad with poppyseed dressing
    Planning: To move back to our home in Pennsylvania and walk the banks of the Brandywine River

  7. Why is your life so beautiful!?

    I hope that your precious son gets pain-free and back to his smiley self as soon as possible!

    I love legumes too!
    It has been raining here, a lot.

  8. Beautiful colours, imagining the fragrances, and noting the dear little tear on his bottom eyelid. May this teething season pass soon!love, lots, JPD

  9. Dana (Okie Mom)15 June 2012 at 12:55

    Here in Oklahoma, U.S.A. the weather is a steamy and muggy 91F We could use the rain, so enjoy yours.

    As for reading, mostly homeschool materials getting ready to school my 10, 7, and 4 year old babes this fall.
    As for eating...we just devoured our very first Dragon Fruit...interesting twist between honeydew and kiwi.

    I enjoy reading your blog so much...I feel as though I've taken a mental vacation after each post...so peaceful and unassuming. Your babe Rueben is a honey! Congratulations...he's positively delish!


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