5 Jun 2012

dans le jardin

There's so much to love in our garden at present; tomatoes and nasturtiums in hanging pots, an emerging pebble path (from what we dig up in the soil beds), my hydrangea readying to bloom, surprise pink flowers, beans growing from the discarded lattice table, our first harvest of snow peas, velvety lambs ears, lettuce and rocket seedlings on the kitchen windowsill, and there's the ivy-leaved toadflax (which we call "miniature violets) going crazy on the side path... 
Here's a little before and after shot of our back garden from when we first visited our wee maisonette in november 2009 - to March this year - to how it looks presently (notice lattice table has gone vertical). 

What delights are you seeing/planting/doing in your garden at present?
I know Lizzie for one is up to some wonderful things...


  1. Your garden is looking great and I can see the improvements from 2009 to present. I love the creative use of the table ;-)

    I don't have a nice yard like you and Lizzie but I have a nice large patio garden and lots of containers with pansies, petunias, geraniums, poppies and various kinds of herbs. Can't wait until the veggies in my little garden grow. Enjoy your garden.

  2. Hi Your little garden is a joy adn I love the development of the lawn. Does the picture with the bedframe on the hoizontal mean you no longer have flowers along the wall or are they just hidden?
    Our little balcony is sad looking at the moment as sunshine is needed and we've been battered by storms this week!
    In the two last pictures of you and Reu in the mirror he looks so different!
    Miss you three so much!

  3. Beautiful growth, Emily!

    by the bye, love the new header! xoxo


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