9 May 2012

a spring top

So this is my first attempt at sewing a top. I followed the simple and elegant wiksten pattern and used the 3/4 yard remains of this lightweight cotton gauze sprigged with clovers. Its not perfect but its a good first go; it feels soft and comfortable and spring-like. And I can nurse in it (which is the prerequisite of all clothing these days). I feel it may be the first of many...

happy day to you! 

p.s. I confess I haven't had a hair cut for about a year - since we left Australia - which would account for its long unruly ways. Partly because I miss my beloved hairdresser of seven years (hello, dear Claire!) and partly because I'm scared to go to a French one with my basic conversing skills. Hmm, what should I do? Keep growing it out long or cut it all off again!


  1. I am loving your hair - and your top!

    It is also nice to see Reuben in a photo in proportion to you because quite often he looks so big!

    Spring love from the chilly autumn of Mudgee

  2. nice work with the top. you did a really good for a first attempt at a top.
    i got my haircut just after we left australia in iceland. it was such a good cut it is growing out well, but I haven't been bothered to cut it cut back in my little bob. maybe its the money, maybe its the fear, maybe its the language. maybe ill do it soon.

  3. i'd say it went over very well, too cute!

    since loosing my favorite hair stylist (and not wanting to pay 100 anymore) I havent been to a professional in over 2 years! oy. keep it long till you know the right person to take you short! :) that's my two cents...


  4. Wow! You look fantastic, Em. Are you sure you had a baby?! :)

    Love that top. Yes please.

    I loved it shorter. You could always just take a picture of what you want to make it easier...

  5. The top is perfect...so's the hair...

    Have a lovely day!

  6. You are so clever! I can't believe this is your first go at sewing a top, it looks great! And your hair is gorgeous! I love it long and wavy. So so beautiful Emily x x


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