23 May 2012

Miss Mavis Returns

At the beginning of March 2010 I was on a ferry with my new husband. You see we were on our honeymoon adventure in New Zealand, sailing from the South island to the North. While winding our way through pastel sea and rocky sound, I had an flash upon my inward eye of a middle-aged woman (perhaps even my future self) navigating stormy seas in a floating tea cup. I furiously sketched the scene you see above. From there grew the story of who that woman was and where she was going.

Here are the first seven instalments of my illustrated novella - The Exploits of Miss Mavis: South and south and south - posted from May - June 2010:
Chapter I: Inside the Nautical Transformation Process
Chapter II: Sound advice
Chapter III: Setting sail
Chapter IV: Singing with the seals
Chapter V: First patters of snow

Chapter VI: Meeting the "Ice Queen"

Chapter VII: Snow Silk 

And in the next couple of weeks I will finally publish here the four final instalments of Miss Mavis' exploits to Antarctica:

Chapter VIII: Birthday
Chapter IX: Ode to the Explorer
Chapter X: Aurora Australis

I sincerely hope you enjoy the continuation and conclusion to these exploits as much as I.


  1. I love Miss Mavis! Can't wait to see where her exploits take her next!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Yes yes yes!! I am so excited to read more.

  3. Emily, you have a beautiful imagination! Miss Mavis has put the biggest smile on my face today! I can't wait for more x

  4. Sure am excited!
    Will you publish this book one day?

  5. Yes! So glad she's back. Can't wait!

  6. I was wondering when she's return!

    I love her - even if she does look a little crazy during the nautical transformation process. :P

    You are so talented.



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