8 May 2012

merry things

the weather is slowly and surely warming up, 
the roses are beginning to bud,
the beets are getting taller -
blooms make merry the table amidst the mess of sewing,
this old recipe is re-discovered and savoured,

on a sunny day we let the nappies and clothes get kissed by the sun,
stand by tiles my lover brought me from marrakech 
(because he knows how I love tiles, morocco and blue and white)

I take baby out into the fresh air to look at sky 
or greenery or post-box interior -
and we're humming round the cherry tree 
cause there's green globes a'growing...

what makes you merry to-day?


  1. Eating that cake would make me merry! : )

  2. Your banana bread looks yummy...it's raining here...just a nice spring rain...everything is green and drippy...

    Have a lovely day!

  3. Love the post!

    I get merry being with my husband because he makes me so comfortable.

  4. Em,
    I was thinking of you this morning, specifically of how much I love your aesthetic. So simple and fresh, always.

    There are some people's blogs I read who make me feel like I am not living enough or beautiful enough or something enough...but yours, it always makes me feel like ENOUGH. It leaves me with deep breaths and crisp, new canvases to my soul.


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