2 May 2012

may day

today is
garden fresh,
with lily of the valleys,
tastes of garlic and beetroot and carrot,
smells of strawberries stewing
an untangle of snow peas
softness of grass underfoot -
the sound of words:
"your greatest work of art is your own life"
lived, refreshed, pulled-apart, gathered, shared,
today is


  1. The first of May is not quite so verdant over here, but I am stitching a mustache in purple floss for my good friend Dan to wear on his backpack, drinking plenty of water, watching the new leaves on my avocado plant unfurling, and eating some of your chocolate and olive oil cookies--posted a long time ago, and finally baked last night. (There's a letter in the mail for you.)

  2. Beautiful! Happy May Day to you three!

  3. It looks so nice and summery. Here it is cold - I just had a hot shower!

  4. Lovely, as always :) xo

  5. Sitting in the uni's computer room, unable to focus for more than an hour and write my essay, I chose to come onto your blog....and was immediately hit with shining sun rays. His smile is so gorgeous; a vibrant soul!

    Beautiful life as always.

  6. Oh sweet mama, Ru is the handsomest young man - his face is so beautiful!! Xoxo

  7. how lovely is the lilly of the valley tradition. so much joy.


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