14 May 2012

mama's day

Barefoot, I picked my mothers' day flowers on the grass 
- tiny yellow cups and periwinkle blues.
I drank earl grey tea in my wide-rim cup and saucer.
I adventured solitary to the fresh produce markets and came back with some favourites: brioche, yoghurt, asparagus, rhubarb, raspberries...
(a brunch of french toast and a marvellous salad ensued)
I soaked in blue sky, and sunshine on my knees -
I didn't do any lanudry or washing-up.
I planted seeds and took a long bath.
Such a lovely, happy day
with squeals of delight from my baby boy -
with soft kisses from my Love.

I am so glad to be a mama, it is the best thing.
I am so blessed to have my beautiful maman,
and my dear belle-méres Ev and Jenny,
my granny Nancy,
and all your mamas out there -
happy happy day to you too 


  1. Happy Mother's Day! <3 <3 Much love.

  2. That day sounds like poetry! Happy Mother's Day to you darling lady. (And I love that you didn't do any laundry or washing up - LOVE IT)!
    Love to that delicious looking baby of yours - I am loving being able to witness (via this blogginess!) your motherhood unravelling with such grace and proficiency! Love to you xx

  3. As always, one of the most beautiful blogs on the planet! Congratulations on celebrating your first Mother's Day. Thank you for sharing your journey (and your beautiful works of art).

  4. Wow your first ever Mother's day, and sounds like such a beautiful one indeed!

    Prayers for many more lovely ones to come
    (I can't wait to be a mama and you certainly make that desire in me stronger:)


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