4 Apr 2012

two months

(each month, noting the precious little happenings, moments, milestones)

You are two months old my little man, and oh so loved
You smile and laugh, especially when we smile at you!
You coo and chatter
You have a firm grip
You're a charmer of the French ladies
You're finding it easier to fall and stay asleep
You are discovering that you can put your fingers in your mouth
You stare intently at contrasts; shadows; black and white; bearded faces;
Your favourite song to fall asleep to is "green grow the rushes oh"
You've had cuddles with your gran and granddad sims
You've been inside the walls of a medieval castle
You don't much care for being swaddled anymore
You love being in the bath, but not getting out
You've wandered under blossoming trees
Your hair is still a deep coppery ginger
Your eyes are still blue
Every day we glimpse a little more of your personality;
of your distinct character, and love you Little Reu
And did I mention how you smile?


  1. Oh the top photo...love right there in the photo.

    And the bottom one! you can see wisdom in his smile! He looks like he can already talk.

  2. Hehe, what a clever looking chap!

  3. ...baby smiles...oh so sweet!...

    Have a lovely day!

  4. So handsome, so precious, so blessed to be in your arms. Happy days indeed..... xxxxx

  5. he looks as if he has some secret knowledge to share...buddha baby.

    love to you!

  6. Oh I LOVE that last photo so much! So sweet x x

  7. He is impossibly handsome even at this young age - and that Mona Lisa smile!!!! Xo

  8. He looks beautiful. Sorry for being a little quiet. Miss u lots. So enjoy reading about your life and experiences. The photos are glorious. Keep well to all 3 of u. Love your friend and hairdresser xxx0000xxxxxx

  9. It's not just the french ladies who love him!! He's adorable!


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