24 Apr 2012


for all this rain
for a long afternoon nap
for blue watercolours and biro pens
and a moment to sketch again -
for the way my baby nuzzles my shoulder
and chuckles in the bathtub -
for freshly baked bread dipped in olive oil
or a slice of apple and strawberry crumble cake -
for lilacs and blossoms brought indoors
for sage and beans and lupins and tomato and snow pea sprouts
and my lover's hands that planted them -
for the gift of each day
and that however misshapen or overwhelmed or tired we might feel there's always some joy to be seen, felt, eaten, known.


  1. There is indeed some joy somewhere...always. However hard it may be to see sometimes......But we become blind to it ourselves hey?
    JoyFULL post once again friend!
    We have been getting A LOT of rain aswell lately, but its kind of sunny today.

    I'm sending a virtual hug your way! and thank you once again for this beautiful capture of joy in life.

  2. Those flowers on the top are my favorite! I can just smell them through the photo! Mmmm.

    I love this. All of this.

    Every good and perfect gift is from our Father of lights!


  3. Oh mama,
    Do I ever echo these sentiments:
    Even in the thick of fatigue a light shines :)

  4. tender love and care ;)

    this is the year of transition, growth, & change, for sure! it's in the cosmos, for everyone I know or speak to are "more appreciative" seeking their true path, transforming etc. but in flux....

    all of our journeys are unique - but yours is exceptionally beautiful.

    be well, beauty!

  5. too true. how often we forget in the midst of stress that there is always some positive out there.



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