25 Apr 2012

the quilted woman

she gathers up remnants,
she weaves together words and fibre,
a kind of mosaic -
a tapestry
of the past,
gently moves
and all around her
the sound of swishing fabric,
rustle of long dark hair,
and quiet hum of folklore at her lips.


  1. I love your ink drawings...thanks for sharing...

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Oh sweet snow white,
    You encourage me so. Not only in the specifics of this drawing and words, but also in the deliberate time you've taken to retain yourself as an artist and not completely succumb to a one-note identity as a mother (as tempting and easy as it would be to do so).

    I was thinking only just last night that I hadn't seen a post in a while. I like to think that my longing for your presence in my life flew over the ocean to reach you.


  3. ahhhh they are back, these drawings of pure blue! As beautiful as ever.

    P.s My blog is also back. In case you were wondering when it will finally wake up, it has woken up :)
    But its been more word-focused lately.....

  4. ink and words, can't get much better! inspiring.


  5. She is lovely! I'm inspired to find the time to pick up the paint brush..



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