3 Mar 2012

one month

(each month, noting the precious little happenings, moments, milestones)

you get called rube, reu, bug, little'un, little man, mister, squishy, possum
your face gets fuller everyday

you have delicious lips
your hair is gingery
you can hold your neck up and almost roll over
you love having a bath, especially with mama
you smell like milk and freshly washed clothes
your skin feels like velveteen
you have a big voice and like to let us know you're awake,
you love to stare at the serendipity quilt and the fairy lights
you often look pensive and serious when you're awake
you often look completely blissful and content when you're asleep
you've already gained 1 whole kilogram and grown 6 centimetres longer
you have been showered with gifts
(including sausages from our moroccan butcher)
your favourite place to sleep is in the crook of daddy's arm
(or against mama's breast)
you startle yourself awake with your arms and legs
you look like a papoose when you're swaddled
you occasionally wet mama and papa during a nappy change,
you have ridden the paris metro and crossed the seine river
you have wandered round rodin's sculpture garden,
you have nursed on the train,
you have been kissed by your mamie Lois
your favourite sounds are the bathroom fan and the vacuum cleaner,
you don't always like being put in the sling
you always like sucking a pinky finger
your breathing changes when you're dreaming
you make us laugh and sing and sigh
you've watched the sun rise
you act a little drunk after a big feed
you cuddle up to our chests like a koala bear,
your face makes even the most tired, sore, dishevelled parents melt with joy


  1. Oh is so beautiful. And your doing so much better than mr ar blogging regularly! I'm aiming to be back on track next week! Happy 1 month lil one xxx

  2. Justin and Kat4 March 2012 at 00:32

    Hi Emily,

    Justin and Kat here, greetings again from London this time.

    We haven't logged into your blog for a while and man we missed a lot, we'll be regular visitors now for sure :-) Especially that we will be settling down in South Korea in a couple of weeks.

    Just wanted to again congratulate you and Alex on Rueben, and the 1 month milestone.

    A beautiful strong boy. Enjoy and soak up every minute.

    We love your writing and photography - if Rueben combines just a smidgen of yours and Alex's creativity start building warehouses in preparation for future exhibitions.

    Love from travelling monkeys,

    J/K x

  3. He's delightful <3 I want to give him so many sweet smooches.

  4. Oh my, that punim! you have an old little handsome man for a son! beautiful.

    love to you and your family, emily!

  5. What a sweet baby. I'd love to hold him. You are blessed. xx

  6. It's been a month already?! I'm in love with him. It makes me so eager to meet my little lady.

  7. Are you sure it's a month already?! Wow, that went fast! He gets sweeter every time I see him x x

  8. Love :)

    All of it perfection :)


  9. I loved every word (and picture of this post)!
    You could not have put it any better! That's all!

  10. absolutely beautiful to read! Love every update!


  11. Oh. This just made me tear up. So sweet.


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