30 Mar 2012

a little blossom for the home

the cherry tree is awash in beautiful, white blossoms - it is a pleasure to behold when hanging out the laundry or pacing with a sleepy baby in a sling. watching her skeletal branches gradually adorn themselves with lace-like blooms inspired my recent crafting for the wall and tabletop. it felt so good to hold a needle and thread in my hands again, to use materials that seemed stored up for this exact purpose - to create a little blossom for the home.


  1. Gorgeous!! I am looking forward to the green and bright blossoms, it seems an eternity has passed since I smelled the sweet air of spring!

  2. your embroidery is always so lovely.

  3. We are enjoying all the blossoms of spring here too...

    Have a lovely day!

  4. Oh it's blossom time in
    France! How wonderful! I absolutely ADORE your little stitched blossom tree on the wall. Complete perfection, as are you x x


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