1 Feb 2012


my dear mum has been here for five days and its been glorious. we've been bracing the very cool change in the weather and wandered to the local markets for flowers and fresh produce. we've admired old books and little clothes and underground orchestras. sipped hot chocolate. cooked warm, comfort food. knitted, arranged drawers and patted a very round belly. talked a lot (as there's a lot to catch up on face to face after 10 months). and in the last two days i've come down with a thoroughly uncomfortable runny nose and sore throat - we've shared lemon and ginger drinks and watched downton abbey. and maybe a bit more patting of a round belly. it is a gift and a blessing and a wonderful feeling to have my mum here. happy new month to you, too.


  1. It's so great that you mom has made it before you give birth. How wonderful that you have time to reconnect and such a lovely place to do it.

    Sending you prayers and healing thoughts. xx

  2. that's a whole lot of lovely food :-)
    love the interior of the merci store.
    happy new month to u too!

  3. So lucky are you to have such a close relationship with your mama! I have the same, and treasure it like crazy. take care of yourself with that cold, get well soon!

  4. How much do I love the orange fiat, the underground orchestra!!!! (what were they playing?), those books!!! (was it a library?) and that strangely delightful looking drink - c'est chocolat chaud, n'est pas?

    Hoping you feel better soon and say hello to your mum for me!


    P.S. it's the 2nd of February today and it was only 15 degrees. What happened to summer?????

  5. sounds so lovely to have your mum staying! Praying for a safe and blessed arrival with your little one! Love the photos - just wonderful! :) Martine

  6. Love that you are getting to spend some delightful quality time with your momma!! Enjoy every minute of it. Continuing to pray for baby's arrival :) Much love and many prayers!

  7. So pleased your Mummy is with you! She is just as beautiful as you are. I have this terrible feeling that I am not going to turn up here on the right day, by which of course I mean the day bub arrives. I must remember to check daily. Those little clothes on the wall all look so adorable! I am sending you sooo much love x x x

  8. Loved these pictures...especially the back-to-back daughter and mother ones.
    Love your blog too. Happy birth day soon!


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