21 Feb 2012

two years of goodness

two years ago today my lover and I joined hearts and hands,
we also got into some rather good wedding tiramisu -

so today in celebration we made one,
and found ourselves amidst spoonfuls of mascapone and coffee drenched sponge fingers
overwhelmed reflecting on the goodness of the last two years together -

truly, truly,
i am a blessed woman to have in my Alex - a lover, artist, contemplative, adventurer, pappa, my dearest friend


  1. You are both blessed. Happy anniversary!

  2. quite the lucky woman, indeed!

    happy anniversary, dearest lady!

  3. Happy Anniversary. You are blessed indeed.

  4. Happy 2 years!! :) It keeps on getting better, sister! With the good Lord, it can always just get better! <3


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