22 Feb 2012

"there were 4 in the booth and the little one said"

yesterday my mum flew back to australia. she stayed with us for 25 days. I am so full of gratitude that she was able to come all this way - that we had precious days together enjoying Reuben in utero, that she was here for his birth, and his first two weeks of settling on the outside. I can't really describe in words how much I love my mum, how encouraged and supported we felt to have her near, how incredibly inspired I am by her grace and lovingkindness, how glad I am that she is Reuben's mamie...


  1. Namaste Emily,
    I know that your mum will count these days as some of her most precious days too. My heart and love goes out to all of you. Keep savouring these wonderful early moments with your little man. Much love, Wendy

  2. what a lovely lovely thing that she was able to be across the WORLD with you for the arrival of her grandson...something i'm sure will always be a major highlight of her life. and yours. beautiful!

  3. It's so great to have a momma and a grandmama. You are all blessed. I see good looks run in the family too. Your mama is beautiful as is your little one :-)

  4. Dear Emily,
    I havent been able to use the internet for two months and so I want to wish you a late, but heartfelt, congradulations on your sweet baby boy.

    Life looks precious and truely good right now.....I pray that it remains so for you and your beautiful family.

    p.s I start university next week; Sydney uni, doing bachelor of arts, the same as you did :)

    Congratulations Em and Alex for the BEAUTIFUL blessing of baby Reuben! Yipeeee! He is precious!
    Fili and I are so happy for you both :-)

    And how very special that your mummy was able to be there too.... Lois is an encouraging inspiration to us all.

    In Christ x m&f

    ps. Happy anniversary - go the tiramisu!!!! ;-)

  6. Oh Emily, such precious photos, such special times with your mum, how hard it must have been for her to leave you......I know a piece of her heart remains, till next time. Loving hugs and love and prayers from me, a grandmother who knows how hard it is to have distance with so much love between a little one and me ; ) Thinking of you in these precious early days as you grow more and more into your motherhood and embrace the blessing and reward that is your Reuben Kael xxxxxxx

  7. Praying for you with love, little family. Mamie. xxx


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