18 Jan 2012

easy peasy drawstring bags

there is something so nice about sewing projects that you can start and complete within a single sitting. these drawstring bags are made out of tea towels and because they're already hemmed around the sides they're very simple to construct - they're also washable! Use them for whatever you like; carrying library books, your lunch, bread...
you will need:
clean tea towels (I'm using fairly large cotton ones 65cm x 50cm - pack of 4 cost $5 at ikea)
pins/scissors/thread/sewing machine or willing hands and needle

how to:
1. make the drawstring - cut cord or ribbon to horizontal length of tea-towel - add an extra 2 inches to each side. Keep the edges from fraying; for ribbon use a heat-sealing method and for cord wrap a small piece of sticky-tape tightly around the end - cutting off any excess.
2. sew the top seam leaving enough room for your drawstring to thread through. To save the hassle later on of threading the drawstring I just pin it in place and seam carefully under it.
3. sew the sides - with right sides facing, sew one long L seam down the side and the across the bottom to the fold.
4. draw the string, and voila!


  1. Such a great idea! I have the red and white tea towels from IKEA and I think I'll do this for my babe's room. Thank you :)

  2. This looks like the easy success sewing project I need to boost my sewing self esteem!! My last few projects were... a little too complicated for my skill level :s

  3. These are charming, and simple, and practical - three things I love.

  4. Nice little diy - you've just inspired me x

  5. Wow great thought! Great work !


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