20 Jan 2012

dearest little'un

my sweet babe,

now thirty-eight weeks grown - time seems so steady, so still. i wake up each day and wonder when you will begin your journey out into our arms. i usher thanks for you, pray for peace and rest in grace. i take a short walk around the neighbourhood, buy fresh bread, drink tall cups of herbal tea. i read picture books aloud, and hum softly the words of songsmiths. i cry at the beauty of the sun shining through the glass and smile at the sound of the brown birds in the naked cherry tree. i arrange australian native flowers in a vase by the window. i hem new clothes and fold old ones. i stretch like a cat on my hands and knees. i keep my toes warm in socks and lamb skin boots. i eat a lot of oatmeal. i curl my head into your papa's neck. i wake a few times in the night to change position or pee or drink a glass of milk. i swoon when i feel you moving. I am your mama, emily clare, and my heart beats slow and steady beside yours.


  1. you've made me tear up, sweet old soul. i am going to borrow this practice from you, writing a blog to the baby once/week. it's been so lovely to quietly observe your conversations.

  2. You are more beautiful than ever.

  3. this might have been the most beautiful of all your gorgeous posts to your little sweet baby. My little sweet baby turns one today - what a CRAZY year this has been, and it's flown by. I honestly don't remember what life was like without him, and I honestly don't know how I survived without his toasty little body curled against mine every night. i've said it before, but being a mama is life's greatest lesson and also life's greatest gift. you're going to love it.

  4. beautiful. i love reading your notes to the little one. can't wait to come to read your blog and see a picture of the sweet little in your arms. prayers of a peaceful delivery are being lifted high. xoxo

  5. Hi Emily,
    I enjoy reading your blog and particularly look forward to your weekly messages to your dearest little un. I will be 38 weeks pregnant this coming Sunday. Turns out our little Bump is impatient to get out; my waters broke a few hours ago and I'm looking forward to meeting our first baby sometime today. 
    Wishing you all the best for the last few weeks of your pregnancy, can't wait to hear your happy news when the time comes,
    Jenn x 
    Ps I wrote this early Friday morning, and met our Charlotte Grace on Friday afternoon. Have had trouble posting a comment.

  6. mme, I so look forward to your weekly musings to the babe within,

    jordan, I can hardly believe your babe is one already! seems like yesterday I spied those beautiful photos of a newborn face. i am so glad you spend your nights close and warm with him.

    mamamae, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

    jenn, thank you for stopping by! a hearty blessing and congratulations to you and your Charlotte :) may the next weeks for you be full of joy and healthy recovery.

  7. Sounds so idyllic and your photos are beautiful.

    So close now, so close. You'll soon be meeting your winter babe....(and I'll look forward to that post!)

  8. It cannot be thirty eight weeks already! Oh my goodness, one of these days I will turn up here in this beautiful space and there will be a glorious tiny human being awaiting my eyes! What a happy thought! I was just thinking about you today Emily and wondering how far away your precious bubba was. Not far at all it would seem! I send you so much love and prayers and blessings x x

  9. so beautiful reading ur blogs, am inspired to one day to the same for my baby when the heavens showers me with the beauty of being a mother


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