13 Jan 2012

dearest little'un

dearest little wriggle pot,
today the sun is shining so brightly, it hardly feels like winter at all. today we went outside to soak in as much golden light as we could. you are thirty-seven weeks and officially "full-term" - and while it doesn't feel as though the time as "flown by" it does seem so remarkable to remember the day - the morning - we realised you were there and only the size of a blueberry! now I feel your strong arms and legs and hips and hands moving all around, I feel your heartbeat and your hiccups, and the pressure of your head down low. these days we try and take things more slowly; getting a good nights sleep isn't so easy but falling asleep on the lounge after lunch appears to be. this morning two handmade things arrived for you; a ring sling made of linen and a wrap carrier in sturdy cotton. it was fun and a bit puzzling trying to work them out and thinking of you wrapped close. with all my love, mama x


  1. I adore that ring sling and wrap carrier and also your "dearest little'un" posts!

  2. Your "dearest little 'un" posts make my heart catch and swell.

    I've just found out I'm to be an aunt and already I've been hemming and hawing over which of your crafty projects to embark upon first.

    Thanks for all the beauty you share.

  3. So close now Emily! Another beautiful post, as always... I'm sending lots of love your way x

  4. I've been thinking of you so much as birth approaches and you get to meet your little one. How beautiful that we get to be mothers in the same year.

    Do you happen to have a want/registry list from which your friends could purchase items and send them your way? I am itching to buy the babe something!

  5. thank you my dears!

    and mme, I feel glad to have another tune to resonate with you over! and as for baby things, we would love a beautiful picture book, of your choice.

  6. I still use my carrier(s) daily and the wee one is a year old! you'll love em. best parenting invention ever. apart from breasts.

  7. Looking good sister! Just heard Philip say "Pregnancy suits her..." Wahaha... Exciting. :D

  8. seeing you wear a dress that was once mine makes you feel that tinny bit closer, you and 'un :)


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