6 Jan 2012

dearest little'un

Sweet child, you're thirty-six weeks grown today - that means about four weeks till we meet you, and only three weeks till your beautiful grandma (or as we shall call her in french mamie) comes to stay. All of a sudden I've felt the need to really get things ready for your arrival - so yesterday we picked up your bed and car seat and I've been busy washing your clothes and sewing various things for you. I've also been preparing my soul and body for your birth, but mostly I just focus on savouring the experience - the feeling - of you so close to my heart, moving around inside. love always, mama


  1. serious nesting time ;)
    you're going to be the most glorious mother!
    much love,

  2. Lulu, yes indeed! thank you always for you kind words :)

  3. your dearest little un posts always make me tear up a little...really. they do.

  4. How exciting!! What a wonderful time for you, I hope all goes well.

  5. I love the babe-in-belly feeling...take care...wishing you a calm birth. x

  6. I have recently found your blog and I just wanted to pop by and say how much I love the way you savour and celebrate your pregnancy. It is now a little over a year since I was pregnant, and the way you write and your beautiful pictures make me want to do it all over again for the first time. I get a little tearful about it!

  7. Four weeks! Or less!? Or maybe a little more. Either way, very exciting. You sound like you are ready. Take care!

  8. Angel,
    I keep expecting to come to your blog and see photos of your beautiful baby who has sprung to life over night! I know it's premature of me to think so but my mind can't help it.

    I hope the birth, when it does come, is safe and not too long or agonizing.

    If you need anything or if I can send anything from all the way across the world please let me know.

    All the best to you and your husband.



  9. I cannot WAIT! You look so beautiful. Not long now! Lots of love and all my best hopes and wishes x x x

  10. beautiful. nesting is a good time, listen to your body though and make sure you get the rest you need before that all important day arrives! you look fantastic as always - keep that dress around, it'll be a great style for after babe arrives too, perfect for nursing in!
    thinking of you lots!

  11. Dear Emily and Sandy, we heard such lovely news about little Reuben arriving this evening. We're so delighted for you, and hope that everything is as calm and wonderful as it can be in the early maelstrom! xo ARR (Anna, Ron, Ruby)


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