21 Dec 2011

quiet covering of dawn

its 5am
the houses still fast asleep,
my feet move about
creaking floorboards, fingers
fumbling at curtains
and windows,
at last my eyes
behold the
white dance of
whirling flakes of snow -
everything for a moment
is crystallised
and beautiful.
somewhere warm, inside
a baby wriggles
and shares the moment
the quiet covering of dawn
I whisper,
and return
with a shiver to the
warmth of my lover,
sleeping soundly.


  1. These words are cute. I wish you a wonderful Christmas!

  2. i close my eyes and think this is magical.

    did you do the artwork?

  3. this is beautiful. it made my heart swell. xoxo

  4. Your words are so beautiful Emily, as are you x x

  5. Thank you dear hearts for your kind words :)

    and yes Alice, I did do the artwork - a little experiment really.

  6. again, glorious in so many ways...dearly wishing for snowfall


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