23 Dec 2011

marchés de noël

Just a tiny glimpse of what one might see at the christmas markets here in strasbourg. come the festive season they are set up all over the centre city and around monuments and cathedrals - stalls bursting with glass boubles, pain d'epice, mulled wine, flambee, wooden toys, tea, locally brewed beer and collected honey, ornaments, flashing lights, roasting nuts, smoking chestnuts, santa hats, religious icons, plastic knickknacks and confectionary... I quickly find myself overwhelmed by the crowds, noise and razzle-dazzle.
We spent some time looking for a unique tree ornament to mark our happy stay here - and eventually we came across a small market on the edge of town with a stall selling handmade ceramic goods from the local (Alsace) region. A wee moon and star - they're just lovely.


  1. It is so lovely to feel the christmas spirit, which, after the business of this year is not so strong here. It must be magical to experience a European, cold Christmas. I wish I could be there.

    You will have to write and let me know all about it.


  2. This seems magical - I am jealous, but can't think of eyes I'd rather see it through.

    Merry Christmas, my friend.

  3. That Christmas tree in your 'going home' post reminds me so much of the one outside the Church here in Mudgee which is even more lightbulb baubled than ever this year!

    Nice to hear you've been refreshed.

  4. This brings back memories of the Christkindlmarkts in Germany, gluhwein, roast chestnuts, bonfires. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas!


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