1 Jan 2012

looking back

when I mull over the twelve months passed under my feet,

I try to pinpoint
that make it the year it has been,
unlike the previous or
indeed like the one to come.

I see my reflection in mirrors
full of thirsty delight,
trepidation at moving,
grief and joy in resettling,
love for a new life growing,
a face so familiar
and yet steadier -

I pause slowly
and gather up the threads -
what has been woven around me,
what weaves gently
(as we speak)
inside me,

I want to say something lofty and true -
but all that comes out
rather softly
is that I am full of gratitude

and that my year began
with the grass of a growing garden,
and ends in the new growth of another.


  1. Was there ever a year when you were not in the middle of growing something good and beautiful? This new phase seems to suit you so well - I wish the best year (and look forward to meeting your wee one!).

  2. Do you remember our 2010/2011 New Year's Eve fireworks?

    I thought of them this year as I watched the most spectacular firework show from the balcony next door.

  3. Well, written. Gives me things to remember of my 2011.

    I hope that 2012 blesses you as 2011 did. :)

  4. Darling, this is precious. I love this post - and the feet in it! I think of/pray for you daily - and cannot wait to have your feet in my house, again one day, one year...

  5. Love the photos Emily!! Happy new year and not long now till you meet your little one! Take care, :) Martine

  6. That I'd such a lovely post. I do love a foot photo...especially as my feet have been disappearing by the week under this belly!! Hope you're feeling good lovely xx


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