12 Dec 2011

dearest little'un

hello little one,
you are thirty-two and half weeks grown, and wriggling about right now as I write. yesterday I finally made you a quilty christmas stocking to hang with your papa's and mine. it seems to be a year of firsts for us - my first christmas away from my family, my first cold one too, and of course our first with you. Tomorrow we're off on an adventure to Strasbourg for 10 days. I hope all the fairy lights and gingerbread and merriment will bode well with your heart and soul. I'll be sure to keep you nice and warm. We love you so... m + p


  1. Love the Christmasy shots with red berries and Christmas stockings. Journey safe and have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. this is very sweet :) i love the stockings !!

    just stumbled upon your blog.. thought i'd say hello.

  3. this is just the sweetest thing.

  4. So beautiful. Love to you all.



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