10 Dec 2011

around the home

one might see, or smell
a little pine tree adorned with aunty jill's clay ornaments and jess' norwegian elves, a merry door wreath made from alex's twisted ivy vine and my cotton scraps, a beginning to a baby's wooly throw, a garland of lino-print snowflakes, a quilted ornament, a big batch of breakfast granola with a hint of orange and cinnamon, a special christmas tea that tastes like mulled wine - which for a pregnant lady like me is a perfectly wondrous alternative...

I wonder what happy things can be seen or smelt around your nest at the moment?


  1. Truth be told, our house is a bit of a disaster right now - both of us have been studying or making things constantly for a couple of days (when we haven't been at work). There are balls of yarn and cutting mats and scraps of paper all over the place. And laundry. But also a pomander on the window sill, an evergreen branch in a little mason jar, two advent calendars, a pan of mint-molasses-sea-salt fudge, and a pile of envelopes and packages waiting to be mailed out today.

  2. ah, love it! That granola sounds/looks delicious!

  3. There is the old and faded advent calendar on top of the piano. There is the beautiful Mexican nativity on the bay window shelf. There is the red berry wreath on the front door. There is the Christmas tree with a mix of bought and home-made ornaments, and ones we bought on family holidays. There is Sufjan singing carols, and beautiful harmonium mumdi recordings of Messiah. Just need some Christmas cookery smells...


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