18 Nov 2011

the things you miss

its been six months since we first arrived here in france. it feels bitterly cold all of a sudden. i feel sad to be missing the jacarandas in bloom back home in sydney, australia. i look through photos I have taken of those purple petals over the years... they fill me with nostalgia and longing for once so familiar, nearby places, trees, ground. for a moment i close my eyes and I can see them falling, feel them softly beneath my toes. in the cold air i sense a warmth. somewhere deep in the heart; a burning memory - of purple.


  1. I'm sure I would feel the same way to be missing the snow here. Or for the matter, the apple blossoms in the spring.

  2. Beautiful. Your photos and posts are always lovely. Your nostalgia is understandable, esp. when you are about to have a baby so far from the familiar. Hugs. xx

  3. I've been seeing enough of them for two people...next time i see one-probably tomorow-I'll no doubt think of you :)

    Your going to have a white christmas this year!(well most likely anyway)

  4. Emily, the jacarandas are indeed in full, glorious bloom right now and this year the Illawarra Flame trees which are often planted alongside them are spectacular. The most dense fiery red that I have ever seen in my life. Together they make an amazing picture!

    PS Coincidentally my word verification is birdepu which can sometimes fall upon you when you stand under such trees!

  5. Lovely post. Australia sounds perfect...

  6. Thank you ladies for all your kind comments,

    Ailin, glad to know you are soaking in all the purple. There is a good chance we will have a white(ish) Christmas if last year's weather reports are anything to hope by!

    Carolyn, I love flame trees! You are quite right that they make perfect colourful neighbours to the jacarandas. (Your word verification made my giggle too)

    Maria, thank you - I think its when we're faraway from home we begin to see the beauty of what we left behind

  7. So funny to read this Emily because I was just thinking about the jacaranda trees in Sydney myself the other day! I used to walk down a street covered in them on my way to work. I miss them still. November always makes me a little wistful for the wonderful purpley blueness of those wonderful blossoms.


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