1 Dec 2011

an ode to autumn, again

oh autumn,
here I farewell thee
for a second time this year -

here I reflect
on your diminishing,
golden, crisp-eyed days,

how you've
wrapped me up in
long hair, wool and leaf-meal,

how you've
romanced me with
scant sunshine and blushing dusk,

months where
i've gathered the harvest,
buried bulbs, felt my child moving,

and begin to prepare,
for a new season;
and birth.


  1. my favorite season<3

  2. Beautiful ode to Autumn. I esp. like the ink sketch.

  3. Love to you, dear faraway friend.

  4. How much I do love the trees - most especially your drawing.

    Love to you (from summery Oz)

  5. Beautiful poetic sequence - a season that passed far too quickly. Though, winter in France... Christmas in Paris...plenty of chocolate on the horizon ;)

    toodles, beauty! xo


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