5 Nov 2011

i love

that i married a man who grows trees in glass bottles,
that the sun made frequent cameos among the rainclouds,
the luxury of blueberries and rye flour arriving at the door,
the taste of fresh ginger tea on my tongue,
the sound of the birds circling at dusk,
the slow stretches for my aching back,
the joy of what comes next,
the promise of tomorrow -
yes, that every day is new.


  1. Lovely pictures!!

    I've never heard of growing a tree in a glass bottle! That's so interesting.

  2. A tree in a bottle - what a wonderful idea.

    And another beautiful blog post x

  3. Indeed, I know few who embrace the everyday like you do!

    learning to embrace the question marks,

  4. Those top two pictures, and the relationship between them? Marvelous.


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