1 Oct 2011

october 1st

today begged to be herself,
unseasonably hot -
she told me early
to take it slow,
and move
untrammelled by the month's plans
and the busyness of weeks past -
today begged for colour
and making things,
with light feet
and sips of icy water
for the taste of things fresh and satisfying on our tongues,
for the hands to grant another inch to the blanket,
and commence the quilting of circles,
for the mind to draw plans for little clothes, overalls perhaps and a soft hooded coat,
and a slow savouring of words and song,
the little one wriggles
and i wonder if they are the movements
of a little she,
who like her mamma
a lot
the trees sway
and the sun beats
a happy, steady tune
the cucumbers grow, little by little
and tiny violets creep over the beds.


  1. Same here in San Sebastian-but we're soaking it up before the cold and rain falls into the bay and sticks through winter! Delightful shot, love! xox

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely day despite the heat. While you probably think you accomplished little, it sounds like quite a lot to me. Keep well and stay cool ;-)

  3. Beautiful explanation of a wonderful day. :)


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