8 Oct 2011

friday things

the sound of rain on the path,
the feeling of oats in my fingers,
the joy of receiving wool from afar,
the outdoor projects of my lover,
the gathering and slow simmering of pears,
the quiet folding of paper,
the collection of cuttings by the sewing machine,
the grey light through the curtains,
the gaze of my grandmas,
the warmth of soft soled shoes,
the belly growing and rounding,
the comfort of words hundreds of years old,
gladdens this friday soul -

how about you?


  1. so full of life and beauty. i love that side quote about joy..something I am learning in the Lord.

    How are you feeling these days? I hope healthy! Can't wait to meet your little babe!!

    Lots of love!

  2. loveliness (and softness and peace and joy....)as per usual.

  3. I am SO gladdened to be home from hospital after only four days - and then even more so to see Andrew's wool already being formed into a little garment!

  4. lovely post!! I love the prayer...which book is that?? Love Martine


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