4 Oct 2011

for my mama, who turns a year older today

the precious

is the branch of eucalyptus
a grey green emblem
of my birth place -
found in a nearby yard,

is a letter in my hand,
with familiar curling
y's, dotted i's, crossed t's

are the weathered pages
of poetry and prose
and the knowledge
that you thumbed them
through your fingers,

are memories
so carefully collected
in my heart
of your smile,
your smell,
your voice quietly
travelling through the house

is the anticipation
of hearing your breath,
seeing your face near mine -
and watching you love
my babe,
as you do me -
so tenderly.


  1. Hi Em and Sandy
    It was so nice to see you last night and'little un'!
    I'm hoping this time I've got through to 'replies'. I love the way you express your caring heart and have commented most times about the tiny joys of life Can't wait to see you in person(s)love too you both Ev.

  2. How blessed I am to be your mama!

  3. Oh, this makes me well up! Hope your mama had a lovely day x


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