31 Oct 2011

dearest little'un

little one,
do you know that in less than fourteen weeks we will get to meet eye to eye... lately we've been planning how we will make room for you in our tiny one-bedroom maisonette (which is the romanic French way of saying granny-flat). How cosy we three will be! We've decided that your bed will go right next to ours. We're also going to start fixing up the bathroom this month so that its clean and working well. The leaves on the cherry tree have begun to fall and our garden is getting a bit frost bitten and shrivelled. Each day is shorter than the previous, and we are enjoying the warm sunny days as much as we can. Stay happy and well, wriggle-pot.
love m + p


  1. These are precious times for you as a couple and a little nervous no doubt as you consider the impact this new little life will bring to your world.

    Our garden is also looking a little neglected as the colder wetter weather has pushed us to evenings indoors instead of outside sipping wine enjoying the dusk.

    special days for you.

  2. I love reading about your progress! Such affection in your words, you will be a wonderful mother.

    Hope all goes well for you!

  3. all the better to live in a small place - a baby needs nothing more than to be cozied up beside his or her mama (and papa too). i like mine packed in between us in our big bed ;). his favourite morning trick is to wake his papa up by smacking him in the face. which we all find hilarious! can't wait to see who's dancing about in that beautiful belly of yours!

  4. this is so sweet! I hope one day your little one will get to read it! I've always imagined, if/when I have a baby that I would like to write a journal to him or her starting when I'm pregnant up through childhood so he she will have a record of the small things.


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