24 Oct 2011

dearest little'un

Little one, baby child -
you are 6 months now. and while I should say "the time has flown by" it doesn't really feel that way at all. every day and week has come with my pausing to contemplate you. sometimes i want to hurry up and meet your face, other times I am content feeling you moving inside, knowing you are covered and safe and growing just as quickly as you need to. you are teaching me all kinds of things, but above all you are teaching me to be tenderly patient...


  1. Do you have any board books for the wee bebe?

  2. Looking forward to meeting your little one, and seeing his/her mama again!

  3. Patience is a very useful gift.

    I love your words to your unborn baby, it makes my heart feel warm.

    Best wishes to you.

  4. Love this. This baby is so blessed.

    (I also love your longer hair, and clothes and tender words)

  5. You gorgeous mother to be!

  6. I'm here for the first time, and I'm so happy to have find really sweet person's blog. Your thoughts are beautiful, I'm impressed. I will follow you, I'm here http://thinkingincoffeebreak.blogspot.com/ :)


  7. A beautiful bump you have there xx

  8. If its already teaching you things, imgaine all the things to come!
    I cant believe how amazing and exciting it is to grow and nourish a child inside you and then bring it out into the world and then nourish and help it to grow in the world....meanwhile learning so many things along the way!

    Your dress has the most beautiful colour........mmmm autumnal bliss.

  9. Ma belle fille! Tres belle et interessant!


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