10 Oct 2011

dearest little'un

dearest one,

I am waiting
differently this time,
a necessary waiting -
a pause
for stirring,
and growing
in little ways each moment,
a tiny flutter of butterflies,
an awakening of some
kind of ancient love,
conversations late into the night
with my lover's hand against
the place -
you are
its strange -
and wonderful
to imagine life
in a few more months
with you in our arms,
with so so much you.



  1. Hi Emily, Its Ribka here. I just wanted to say that this is the first time I've visited your blog and I LOVE it. Its BEAUTIFUL and just gives a wonderful insight into who you are and what captivates you. May HE pour out blessings upon you and your growing little one today.

  2. Oh this is the luckiest baby in the world! Your words are so so beautiful x x

  3. Your belly could not be cuter! These letters to your baby are going to be such treasures when he/she is grown.


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