21 Oct 2011

adventures in bread-making: bagels

Oh how I love bagels. that chewy, wonderful taste.

I have made this recipe twice now and been delighted. it is really worth the saga. Both times I've halved the recipe (that makes about 12 medium sized bagels), I also substitute half the flour for rye. this time I used 1/2 multigrain & 1/2 rye. instead of barley syrup I use backstrap molasses, I am sure thats what adds that "taste".

My favourite topping is smooth ricotta with honey. and a sprinkle of fresh blueberries. I didn't have the latter, but the ricotta & honey was so good.

Tell me, if you're a bagel fan, how do you like yours best?


  1. Love bagels. In fact I can't wait to make some of Poh's (from Masterchef). Hers are really simple and don't require a mould or anything.

    Hmmm... favourite topping:

    Cream cheese. Smoked salmon/chives/capers...

  2. Oh gosh, I've been wanting to make bagels myself for a while now.. you've inspired me once again!

  3. Toasted, with cream cheese and grape jelly, or butter, sugar, cocoa powder.

    Tim adores bagels, and has been talking about making them. And I want to experiment with rye flour. I think we had better try this recipe.

  4. I love bagels. I love them when they have toasted cheese and poppyseeds on them!


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