17 Sep 2011

today twenty-nine

i love you,

because you have had the worst and the best of me, and loved it all
because you twist your beard in your fingers when you're thinking
because you love music like you do boxes; rusty and interesting
because you write poetry on the bathroom wall to cheer me up
because you have a little spot of white hair on your left temple
because you can climb trees whilst drinking a strong latte
because you string up fairy lights around the clothes line
because you are so sensitive it bewilders and bestirs me
because you always do the weeding and never complain
because your face is beautiful to watch in conversation
because you see so much promise in abandoned things
because you fold and wrap and arrange with precision
because you stir in your sleep when I stroke your face
because you let me warm my hands on your back
because you glow among the company of friends
because your handwriting should be a typeface
because you like quirky romantic foreign films
because you might be a 18th century pirate
because you paint with earthy, fleshy hues
because a part of you in growing in me
because you tread softly about my soul
because you can grow trees in bottles
because you are wooed by the ocean
because you take photos of shadows
because you have the strongest hold
because you kiss me on the neck
because you own a bat skeleton
because you live by grace
because you are mine
(and more)

happy birthday,
sweet man


  1. oh emily, reading this has made me shed three chubby tears.
    I yearn for the day when I'll have someone that close to love and behold.

    poignant and lovely as always.

    many happy returns of the day!

  2. Happy Birthday Alex! Such precious words dear Emily. I am so glad of them. And can't wait to hear how the dinner went. x

  3. Oh this is so fantastic! You should make these beautiful words into a poster to stick on the wall and keep it forever. Happy Birthday Alex!

  4. such a lovely post emily! I hope you are feeling well and a happy birthday to alex! :) Martine

  5. Tim is nothing like this, and yet I recognize him in your poem - this is a good way to love.

    I feel lucky and blessed to read your words.

  6. Wonderful birthday words. :)

  7. Turing 29 while living in Paris with your elegant beauty and expecting a child? How Hemingway-ian.


    Cheers, Alex!

  8. This is so lovely :)
    Happy birthday to that man of yours!

  9. Sigh.........can i have a man like that one day ?

    just beautiful Emily.

  10. Em.... Has it been that long since you've gone? It's the first time I've actually even had the time or leisure to come to your blog... its been too long.

    You've brought tears to my eyes and I am so sorry dear friend that I have not been able to be in touch.

    Miss you so dearly....and God bless you with the little one inside your womb.

    Lots of love
    xxoo Ella.


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