14 Sep 2011

an ode to the little brown bird

little brown bird
each day
I catch glimpses of you -
a shimmer of golden light
and bare ground
where you were seconds ago,
every day
I leave crumbs on the path
for you to snatch up
and dance about
for a tiny moment
before I appear in the doorway,
I try to hide myself
behind the curtains
and watch you play
hide and seek
in the ivy,
jumping jack
on the wall,
how can I tell you
how much delight
your fluttering brings me?
i capture you in thread
to linger around your
form a little longer,
and every day
I scatter crumbs
on the path.


  1. it's own lil'ditty!

    love your words.

  2. Emily, you are so beautiful. So wonderfully yourself, (my favourite quality in a person), and your little bird is glorious!

  3. Thank you so much Emily! I must to tell you that when I see your works they really inspire me, are so lovely like this bird :)

    What cloth is it? Here is difficult find things to embroidery or to do that kind of things.

    Best wishes! Autumm in Paris looks wonderful, especially with a baby :)

  4. Thank you so much for information, is very very kind of you Emily!! :)
    I don't know about Etsy (I'm not too good with computer! :S), but probably my boyfriend could help me ;) Now, I know the name of this nice cloth.


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