11 Sep 2011

dearest little'un

dearest little one,
today you're nineteen and a half weeks grown and nearly half-way to when we get to meet you face to face. on a few occasions recently I have laid awake in bed wondering if my stomach might explode due to you growing so much bigger all the time and my middle so much tighter (your pappa said it was highly unlikely, and he was right). you'll be proud to know we got through our last week of french school and are trying to speak it as much as we can despite there being so many things to remember! to celebrate finishing we met up with our new german friend and ate fresh bread by the seine. I really wish you could see how red our geraniums are at the moment. i wonder too, if you've noticed how much makizushi we've been making and eating....
we love you so,


  1. These posts make me breathlessly happy :)

  2. You mean to say that you made all that sushi? I'm SO impressed!

  3. How ironic. Meeting up with a german friend after finishing French language classes.

    Your hair is getting longer too!

    And no - I doubt that you'll explode but it must be such a curious (but wonderful) feeling to know your babe is getting bigger.

  4. I'm sooooooooooo thrilled for you, and your belly is beautiful <3

  5. So blessed! So beautiful.
    In Korean the rolls are called, "geem-bop" I love 'em!


  6. Beautiful!! You are going to be a wonderful mother! Good job on finishing French class and on making that yummy looking makizushi.

  7. Aw, Emily! I adore these little letters!


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