25 Sep 2011

crochet for the babe

ever since I found out I was carrying this little one I have wanted to crochet wee little things. I have been limited by my very very small yarn stash - you see, I could only fit a few skeins and balls of this and that on the plane here... (all the rest is in a big plastic container back in Australia) I've made do, and so far the babe has little woollen pants made from my leftover cardigan green, a pair of soft booties, and a flat bunny both in organic, undyed Japanese cotton. I particularly like mr flat bunny, alex says he looks like a ghost bunny, but I think he's perfect for shrunching up and chewing - which I'm sure our little one will be very much inclined to do! I've just started on a hexagon shell and ladders baby blanket in a fine silk/wool blend. Now that the weather is getting cooler it is a lovely thing to curl up of a night in bed with the babe and hook a few stitches...

patterns: pants, flat bunny, booties and blanket
yarn: quince & co "osprey", quince & co "tern", pierrot organic cotton


  1. Oh gosh, you're such a sweet mama. (And maybe I missed this -- where is your forever/baby home? Here? There? Just curious!)

  2. those pants are the most adorable thing!

  3. You are already such a good mother! This baby is going to grow up surrounded by so much love, and creativity/creating.

  4. those are precious!!! i absolutely love catching up with you via thoughts and biro sketches :)

    blessings as you continue this journey!

  5. Oh dear. I'd better send some wool. Oops!

  6. Those are the best little pants in the whole world! And the bunny is adorable too x x


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