21 Sep 2011

around the house

we are slowing bringing life to our walls,
erecting shelves, hanging art, folding paper creatures,
in some cases temporary fixtures on unfinished surfaces -
like alex's poetry and an array of postcards
(next to the loo)
which we're beginning to love


  1. So beautiful and inspiring. <3 I am moving in with my boyfriend soon and have been hunting for how to decorate our little space. This definitely gave me ideas! Thank you!

  2. this is all so delightful. <3 your space! and your baby belly is looking so beautiful. xoxo

  3. Hmmm... beginning to love the loo permanently (or the postcards?). I love your house permanently. :P

    And I did try folding an origami elephant once but it did it not turn out so crisply as that one.

    Love you

  4. Your home looks so beautiful emily! a beautiful nest to live in! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I hope your having a wonderful time in Paris. I am loving following your European adventures! :) Martine

  5. Is your bed from Ikea? I think I have the same one ;) LOVE those butterflies, soooo sweet. Love that you have so many pictures up too.


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