31 Aug 2011

soaking in summer, an ode

the season changes formally,
but all around
in sky
and sights, smells
its already begun -

air in the mornings
that bites at the nose
as I empty out yesterday's tea leaves,

white crosses on the horizon
from planes flying overhead,

fogged window panes,
and the whiff of smoke at dusk,

small displays around the house
of what bright flowers we can find,

warmth of our bed,
that much harder to get out of -

a last collection of blackberries and dropping apples,
and growing anticipation for the green persimmons,
not yet ripe,

and I find myself staring at my uncle's beautiful life drawing - showing a woman catching the sun of her bare skin as she reclines against mattress and flamboyant wallpaper... in a curious way it sums up the summertime in france for me: the green backdrops, calm faces, a different side of the sun - somehow gentler, precious, fleeting.

yesterday evening as we walked home from the station I caught a sight of my neighbour on his sun-drenched balcony; sleeves and pants rolled up, sunglasses on, sitting in a plastic fold out chair, soaking... I think I saw a smile too.

a little reminder perhaps, to catch a last soak of the season while we can.


  1. Conversely, I can feel the beginnings of Spring.

    White blossoms all through the main streets;
    the pink of the hills and sky at dusk on my evening walk;
    the smell of warm grass that is so alluring it beckons to be played on - football, soccer, cricket -
    in bare feet.



  2. Emily! I returned to my blog and found yours at the same time - so lovely to read your musings again and congratulations! How exciting to be anticipating the arrival of a little one. I can vouch for the fact that they are magnificent :) I was thinking about you just yesterday and committing you to the one who has it all under control and, of course, it's the ole faithful blog reader where I find you again! I'll have to find some time to read backwards for a while and catch up on all of your news but for now, lovely, lovely to feel back in touch. Lots of love, Emma

  3. a poignant but beautiful reminder that another season is passing. i'll soak up this final day of august!

    much love to you!

  4. There is such a beautiful ache to this time of year: the letting go of ripe, fresh warmth to dive again into cozy and close...

    This was a lovely post!


  5. The last day of August here changed dramatically from all the other previous days of the month. For the first time this year I felt Autumn. Yesterday was a hot day, no wind to cool the sweat on my brow. Yet today, today was a reminder of the wonderful chill of the next season to come. The wind picked up and cooled all the crops, giving the air a rich smell.

    I am ready to feel the autumn again.


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