16 Aug 2011

an old sky, and a new one

3 months arrived,
three departed -
some things become more familiar,
others more foreign,

I want to tell you,
that I miss home -
I miss the sky
I was born beneath,
the wintertime
(mid year)
that I have always felt
for twenty two years,
the sounds - the humdrum -
of the city,
and birds circling,
the softest hands
of my mama,
the eyes of my grandma -
peering into the ancient,
remembered days.

I fill myself,
my missings -
with psalms
and contemplation,
in the smell of bread rising,
in the company of my husband,
in the swelling within my womb,
in the complexities of a new way of talking -
vowels and consonants and rasping in my throat,
in the growing of my heart, with thanksgiving,

and I think a lot about you -
my web kin,
who for many years
felt oddly near and far away,
and now seem
so very close,
and precious.


  1. Thank you for visit my blog, I am glad because you like my embroidery.I think yours are really lovely! My mother taught me in my last winter holiday :)

  2. i am and will always be a homebody.
    but my mother always tells me 'home will always be here '

    by the bye, keep an eye out on the post.

    much love,

  3. Your words here are wonderful Emily...

  4. I am happy to be a web kin! And even happier to be one of your web kin! : )


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