20 Aug 2011


today before language school alex and I ventured off into the marais district to visit the musee carnavalet (museum on the history of paris) and a quaint bookshop/gallery/deli/eatery/concept-store "merci" (thanks to a dear friend who supplied the address and said "I believe you will think that it is well worth a look"

She was right. We did like what we found; a space filled with books, interesting light fittings, hand carved wood furniture, leather boots, salvaged african fishing boats, herb gardens, found objects, picnic supplies, preserves, linen, antique doors, a perfumery, japanese stationery, coloured pencils and paper bags, and more - of which all the sales are donated to charity - hence the name of the store, thank you. Here a few images I caught while we wandered...


  1. This looks just your kind of shop. I would love to have known about it when I was in Paris.
    Perhaps next trip to the city you might enjoy "Shakespeares Bookshop and the Musee de Cluny with the wonderful lady and the unicorn tapestries.
    Love Susan

  2. Well! Merci truly IS amazing, I'm so glad you enjoyed it and it's a real treat to see it through your eyes. I originally discovered this on a beautiful blog named Vosges Paris. It's worth checking that out too!

  3. It looks to me like that may be heaven!!!!

  4. Beautiful photographs of a beautiful day. (Yay!)


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