6 Aug 2011

meet my dear, Janome


This week I got my very first sewing machine! I am so excited to begin fibre crafting again! You see, before now I have always used/borrowed/momentarily hijacked my mum's... and now that hers is thousands of miles and 24 flying hours away that is no longer possible. My parents were so very generous in giving me some money to put towards getting a machine of my own when I'd settled in France. My specifications for a machine were: something that is not too expensive, neat, easy to use, reliable. It didn't need to be fancy-pants-can-sew-a-house-and-make-espresso with a USB port and a computer interface.

:: I considered buying a German Pfaff - so that I could say triumphantly (when I felt the urge to sew something) "I'm just going to go pfaff for a while" or "wait a moment just pfaffing here"...

:: I considered a Bernina because lots of famous blog-crafters have them, then realised they were a bit too expensive and fancy...

:: I also considered an Elna just like my Grandma's, and because they're Swiss-made - then I found out they're now made in China and aren't nearly as good...

But in the end I settled on a Janome. I grew up on one after all. Its Japanese too. And Japanese things are awesome (think origami, sushi, whimsical children's cartoons, crochet books, underwear vending machines)

And my is it sweet. Not to mention all these wonderful stitches she does.

Only I'm a little sad almost all my fabric and sewing notions are back in Australia... except a few things my mum sent us a few weeks ago - including a bag I filled before we left with scraps of fabric I loved:
Which is just enough to make something lovely. Don't you think?


  1. Congratulations!

    I currently have an Elna and I love it. I want a Janome too. One with a few bells and whistles but am looking for the best deal I can find first.

    I think those fabric pieces will make a very nice quilt or something else nice.

    Happy sewing.

  2. Hmmm... I wonder if my Janome can do that nice leafy stitch?

  3. can't wait to see what you stitch up! love the fabrics and the fun stitches. i know you will enjoy your new machine!


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