2 Aug 2011


Last night we returned
after 18 days away
and 17 hours of driving,

upon arriving
I felt the afterglow
of a hot summer's day
and delighted
in the green
of our garden
and the
growth spurt of the lemon verbena

I turned the key in our front door
familiar smells of indoors
mingled gently around
my nose
I sighed -
for the first time
it felt like coming home.

adrenalin of the days past
turned to weariness
and as I opened the wooden shutters
to let the night air in,
I accepted once again
the quiet,

quiet roaming
of my soul.


  1. Hope your trip was fun, and full of adventures!

    I think a catch up is due friend!

    Love to you both.

  2. mmmmm home, in a place away from home. Welcome back lovelysoul.

  3. beautiful, home!

    oh, and let's not forget the inevitable 'i've been away too long' planking upon your OWN bed...such satisfaction!

    much love!

  4. Welcome home.

    I always remember lemon verbena because Scarlett O'Hara's mum in Gone With the Wind always smelled like it.

    Love to you dearest

  5. It's always strange, being excited to go away then finally returning to your own bed and just thinking about how truly nice it is when you walk through your front door. Welcome back! (:

  6. You know I just realized how dated this post was, I do apologize! I wondered why I couldn't see your newest posts! So sorry!


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