20 Aug 2011

dearest little'un

dearest little'un,
every week since I discovered you were there i've written you a little letter. my first letter was over 10 weeks ago. you've grown so much since then - you're about the size of an avocado. lately I've been feeding you apples and pears from our garden, glasses of milk, and homemade bread. sometimes I feel a tiny flutter, like a butterfly, and I wonder if its you dancing in your nine-month-long bath (I know I would be dancing if I could have a bath). its nice to have your company everywhere I go; like when I started french classes this week, and the time I picked these lilac clovers on the way home from the train station.
love, mama


  1. How sweet to write your unborn child. What a wonderful idea.

  2. this is lovely...as well as the post of your outing with alex, thank you for sharing! i will be getting back to you via email soon....praying you are having a wonderful evening!

  3. oh my, 16 weeks already? you look gorgeous!

    such dear experiences captured forever in priceless notes. so lovely.

  4. Have I mentioned yet how VERRRRRRRRRRRY thrilled I am for you?? <3 <3

  5. I love the second photo especially. Such a beautiful dress for such a beautiful baby.

  6. It's true - you do look gorgeous - AND amazing! I love the idea of weekly letters. Right now they mean so much to you but one day they will mean so much to bebe.

  7. Sweet musings, such a delight to read. Sweet baby bump, such a joy to share. Bless you three darling Windhover, close in heart always xxx

  8. This made me tear up so much -

    Beautiful, so very beautiful.

    I've been saying to my little kumquat-sized one:

    "Baby, this is downward dog"..."Baby, this is a peach!" as though they understand: they certainly feel the love, of that I am sure :)


  9. Oh you are so beautiful! Aw, and I love your sweet words to your little bubba too. They are so blessed to have you for their mummy x

  10. you look amazing - i was not aware you were expecting as i've been away, but congratulations!! you will be a fantastic mama. a baby is the best thing ever. all the best!!


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