6 Aug 2011

Meet our littlest one.

He/She is somewhere between a lemon and an orange in size.
And will be surfacing at the end of January thereabouts.

Such an unexpected surprise, but one we feel glad and blessed to carry and wait for.



    Congratulations, a million times over, my friend.

    The word verification is 'expecus'.

  2. Congratulations!!!!!! How exciting!!!

  3. my gorgeous friend : ) congratulations. yr such an inspiration, following yr amazing life gives me chills xxx

  4. Congrats!!!!!! So happy and excited for you two! :) <3

    God is good!

  5. wow! congratulations. that is quite a clear ultrasound. i can bet the both of you and the grandparents are all very excited!

  6. That is such wonderful news!! Yay! A beautiful blessing for you both from God. Congratulations! I hope you are keeping well! Love Martine

  7. Woo hoo! I've been wondering when and waiting for the day! Many congratulations to you, dear Emily! I am so happy for you and wish you all the best on this new chapter in your life.

  8. Oh my how very very wonderful!!! Such beautiful news. Congratulations XX

  9. Wow! what a great surprise!I Wish you all the best on this amazing journey!

  10. AHH! Oh LOOK AT THAT BUMP! aaaaaaaaaaaagh!

    Oh miss, you look so good with child.

  11. wow, the most precious time it is!!! Big Congrats!!

  12. Such a lovely surprise.

    Love to the three of you but especially you dearest Emily.

  13. oh my goodness, such exciting news!

    sending much love and congrats!

    p.s. does this mean you'll have a french baby? ;)

  14. What?!!!! I am so surprised...but elated for you. Congrats my love.

  15. Hooray! :) Congratulations. Babies are the sweetest blessings in the world. Enjoy this special time.

  16. Congratulations, - how exciting. And what a cute bump!

  17. Congrats!! That is good news! I hope all goes well.
    I recently found out that my sister in law is expecting around the same time!!
    Yeah for little bundles of joy :)

  18. No way! That's so exciting! Congratulations a million times over! Can't wait till January :)

  19. Oh my gosh! Congrats, congrats! I bet you are super excited!!

  20. Ooooh! A French baby! Congratulations!

  21. I've been staring at this comment box for a while now trying to think of the most positive and complimentary thing to say - but in the end it's not words right now I need to give you - it's love!

    And there couldn't be more love in my heart (and the hearts of all the Tullys) for you and Alex + 1 right now!

    Congratulations. A thousand fold.

    Love you,


  22. Oh my, you friends are the sweetest. We feel positively brimming with love right now.

  23. What wonderful news! I am delighted, thankful, excited and so looking forward to your blog over the coming months! So much to look forward to, so many changes, so many blessings await you! God bless you Emily, oh yes, He already has!!!!
    love always
    Lynn xxxx

  24. My goodness! Congratulations Emily!! Exciting times ahead for you and Alex! Big hugs for you and the bump! x

  25. Great expectations!

  26. I am so overjoyed for you, dear woman- congratulations and warm wishes :) xoxo!!!

  27. I had a feeling you were pregnant! Yay! Congratulations, beautiful Emily. You will be a wonderful mama.

  28. Congratulations Emily & Alex.
    So it wasn't the paint after all.

  29. Hey Sandy and Emily.
    Congrats. Our little ones will only be a month apart! Chris and I are due 2nd Jan. SO excited for you both. Much love, Naomi and Chris. x

  30. This poem is my gift to you Emily. Congratulations


    My daughter stands in the Styx Valley,
    Surrounded by the ancient giants,
    Her drishti towards the space beyond,
    She reaches out to touch the Centurion,
    Everything is eclipsed.
    There is her heartbeat,
    And her breath,
    That sweet breath I tasted
    When I first held her to my chest,
    Light in my arms,
    And electricity to my heart.
    Now the sun is setting,
    Soon the stars and moon,
    She’ll prepare her bed in the shadows.
    No fire, no wind,
    No person but herself and God,
    And my wisdom to expand her mind –
    She closes her eyes and sees her Father,
    First in her Ishta mantra,
    Then in her sidereal plexus,
    Finally in her Ajna chakra.
    Tesoro, this was what you
    Were created for.
    My throat chokes with happiness
    That I got to bring you
    On to this planet.
    I left this world a better place
    Knowing that you were in it.

    I remember when I gave you your first bath,
    The trust you gave me,
    You rested in my hands like a saint in total surrender.
    And trickling water over your tummy,
    You were so peaceful,
    I changed my mind then,
    Even with all these lifetimes as a Tantric
    I decided that I could not bless you,
    It was you who had incarnated to bless us.

  31. Look at your gorgeous little tummy! So so lovely. There is no time more special than when you are pregnant with your first <3

  32. What wonderful news!!! And such an amazing blessing! Congratulations :)

  33. congrats! I somehow missed this post until now, that is fantastic news. You will be an amazing mother.
    sending love!

  34. Oh goodness. Emily. I feel so bad that I haven't caught up on your blog in ages! And look what I missed! Wow!

    Congratulations! I am so very happy for you.


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