3 Aug 2011

at our table

One lovely, wonderful thing about being home again is preparing good food for us to eat. Now I'm not saying Polish food isn't good or fresh or plentiful - its just that a diet of bread, dill and boiled potatoes, cabbage salad and pig-related meat products for a few weeks on end doesn't digest the best in my body. That I missed being in the kitchen so much.

Since we've been back home I've been making up for it (and going a little crazy perhaps). I feel its a great blessing to prepare things for us to eat that are nourishing. In past three days we've supped on:

:: ploughman's lunches with raw vegies and fruit, grainy crackers, scottish cheddar and black olive tapenade.

:: glasses of cold tea with fresh lemon verbena leaves

:: homemade granola - recipe found via Soulemama - all I had in the way of seeds/nuts were almonds and hazelnuts but they taste just as delicious.

::hard boiled eggs and tea for breakfast in beautiful blue pottery we brought back from Poland

::red juicy tomatoes - with everything, and by themselves

::fresh parsley and basil and thyme from the garden

::hearty beef cottage or "shepherd's" pie

::homemade pizza with anything and everything (my favourite being beetroot and feta) - using a tasty olive oil dough recipe from Bread & Honey

Tell me, what have you been enjoying at your table of late?


  1. Love the look of that Polish pottery.

    I also like the sound of Polish food. Is it similar to German with lots of Sauerkraut and sausages and mustard etc.?

    So glad you're 'back'.


    P.s. Word verification was 'nap asp'!

  2. Oh Emmy - what a treat and comfort to see your home, table, garden and familiar feet! I know Sandy would love the ploughman's -- give him a cuddle for me and tell him I am thinking of him, Wollombi and roadtrip morning tea.
    We have been loving slow cooked beef and red wine stew, savoury gallettes and hot and sour chicken soup with lemon grass, ginger, chilli and lime.
    Kisses to you both, Flea xx (quantaaamm?)

  3. Alice, Its lovely pottery isn't it :) And so sturdy! Each piece is hand painted/stamped. Yes, Polish food is very similar to German that I could tell... for example; a chicken stew with red cabbage salad and a giant green pickle on the side!

    Flea, Oh its so nice to hear from you. We miss you lots and lots... passed on your cuddle to Alex and he was very happy for it. I really like the sound of slow cooked beef stew after weeks of white/pink meat - the thought of red meat makes me glad! P.s. only just yesterday I was remember your amazing dark chocolate prune brownies.. which I ate too much of, but they were so good!

  4. We've been eating pounds of fresh yellow cherries from the farmer's market, wholegrain homemade bread, along with rhubarb cake, lentil curry, lamb curry, and, for us too, homemade granola.

    For breakfast, I had tiny tartines, with avocado, two cherry tomatoes from our plants, cream cheese, apricot jam, and peanut butter with Dutch chocolate sprinkles. And blueberries.

  5. Lizzy my dear, you are being so good to your soul, food wise. I am hungry for all the things you mentioned - especially for a good lamb curry... and tiny tartines... and ripe avocado... yellow cherries... and a cup of tea with your self.

  6. ah this is indeed the sort of food i love!
    all the colours and nourishment!
    looks very very yum.
    i dont think i woud be too happy with a Polish diet....

  7. That pottery is beautiful! And your food looks delish too


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