12 Jul 2011

Over lands we go

We're off to poland tomorrow for a three week work project. We're driving all the way there - which includes passing through germany! It still amazes an island-grown girl like me how close everything is here in europe. among other things I am excited about the prospect of eating makawiec poppy seed pastry and capturing some polish scapes in pen. May summer/winter treat you well in the meantime. Be back soon


  1. ain't it grand!

    If only our states here in america were individual countries. the proximity would surely produce polyglots like many europeans! oh well.

    happy trails!

  2. travel safe and have an AMAZING time!

  3. Ever are you in my thoughts and prayers, kindred.
    Be well.


  4. Looking forward to hearing how you like Germany and Poland. Make sure to buy up bread :)

  5. aw..wow! have so much fun!!

    God speed on your travels!!


  6. i have a letter to post to you - should i wait till you are back from poland?

    have fun

  7. my dear Alice, yes please still post it! Then it will be waiting for me in our post box when we return :) I'll try and send you something from Poland too.

  8. Poland! So exciting :) I dream of travelling one day (one day far far away, haha). I hope you're having the most fabulous time.

  9. I wonder how is being an artist in Europe..
    Good luck on your trip! :)

  10. How exciting! You must have ssen some wonderful things. I LOVE that little biro drawing of yours :)


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